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What are HB 5439 and HB 5440?

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Capital_Building_Lansing-300x199Currently on Governor Rick Snyder’s desk for signing, HB 5439 would allow the research of Industrial Hemp to be done by the Michigan Agriculture Department and “institutions of higher learning”. Also awaiting approval, HB 5440 removes Industrial Hemp from the definition of marijuana under state law.

The research is to study what variates are best suited for the Michigan soil, climate, soil remediation, and other factors.

“To date, the manufacture, use and purchase of products made with Industrial Hemp has been legal for decades,” says Everett Swift, Executive Director of MIHEMP, the Michigan Industrial Hemp Education and Marketing Project.  “The problem is our farmers aren’t permitted to grow the crop.  These bills are the first step in allowing Michigan farmers to grow this crop.”

Introduced into the legislature by Republicans and supported by Democrats, the bills have a good chance of passing.  To express your opinion and help the effort, go here.